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*NEW PRODUCT > Now Offering ISOGUARD™ HD Cover Board, 80 PSI

We are excited to announce the introduction of a grade 1, 80 PSI ISOGARD™ HD Cover Board. This new cover board falls within the ASTM grade 1 category, requires 12 fasteners to achieve an I-90 uplift rating, is lighter weight for easier handling and shipping and it carries the same warranty and approvals as the grade 2, 120 PSI cover board..

We will still continue to offer the grade 2, 120 PSI ISOGARD HD Cover Board, however it will transition to a made-to-order product.  At Firestone Building Products, it’s more than just getting the products you need for your projects, it’s getting a complete solution – exceptionally performing building materials backed by a brand and people you can trust.  Click here to learn more about about our ISOGARD HD Cover Board.

* PROMOTION > Added Fire Protection on Metal Roofing Projects For the Price of CLAD-GARD™ SA






Through October 31, Firestone Building Products is offering FREE fire protection for metal roofing projects for the same price as our traditional underlayment.  Purchase our CLAD-GARD™ SA-FR with CoreGard™ Technology for the cost of CLAD-GARD SA underlayment.

CLAD-GARD SA-FR offers unmatched protection for buildings:

  • The only self-adhered UL Class A underlayment on the market today that
    offers water and fire protection in a single layer of underlayment
  • Significant cost savings on materials & labor, when fire protection is needed
  • >120 day exposure
  • Skid resistant
  • Self-seals around nails or metal roofing fasteners
  • Eligible for 30 year warranty

This limited promotion is valid now through October 31st. All material purchased at this promotional price must be installed prior to December 31st. For more information on CLAD-GARD SA-FR with CoreGard Technology, click here.

*ANNOUNCEMENT > New Options For UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld Induction Welding System





Firestone Building Products is excited to announce new options for the popular UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld Induction Welding System called InvisiWeld-S System.  The new InvisiWeld-S System is now available for use with .045, .060 and .080 Ultraly TPO membranes, is FM Approved and is eligible for Red Shield Warranties.  For more information, click on the following:

* NEW PRODUCT > EcoWhite QuickSeam Walkway Pad

Firestone Building Products is excited to now offer a walkway pad compatible for white or black (TPO and EPDM) rooms

  • High quality rubber with QuickSeam Tape factory laminated to the bottom
  • Adheres securely to primed RubberGard EPDM, EcoWhite EPDM and UltraPly TPO roofing membranes
  • High levels of hardness and tensile strength
  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • Displays excellent cold flexibility

Firestone Building Products - Online Magazine (Spring 2016)

Topics include: 20 years of TPO , adhered system, the power of Polyiso and optimizing your website for more traffic

Firestone Celebrates 20 Years of Trusted TPO Roofing

(June 9, 2016)

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* NEW PRODUCT > Vapro-SS Flashing

Multi-purpose self-adhered flashing that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Available in 4″, 6″, 12″ and 18″ widths
  • Watertight bond
  • Fire resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Low temperature application
  • Use with all VaproShield materials
  • Through-wall flashing for masonry and stone
  • Transition membrane
  • Rough opening flashing
  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • Displays excellent cold flexibility

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