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CPI Daylighting pioneered the first use of polycarbonate translucent panel systems for architectural applications more than 30 years ago. With a greater emphasis on sustainable design, the need for natural light is becoming more essential and plays an integral role in the overall building design.  CPI daylighting customizable designs allow you to pair architectural creativity with superior performance, providing the perfect solution for all of your daylighting needs

IntelaSun® is the most advanced controlled daylighting solution.This dynamic system uses intelligent SolaBlades® within the glazing panels that adjust to the sun’s postion in the sky. IntelaSun® is an economical solution that controls the amount of sunlight, solar heat gain, and shading within a given space, enabling optimal building performance.

QUADWALL®, the preferred daylighting system, is a high performance Quad Glazed, scalable daylighting system for unparalleled energy efficiency,longevity and diffused daylighting performance. The innovative RST – Removable Skin Technology design provides two independent translucent glazing panels made with Nano-Cell® technology, empowering users with redundant protection of the covered space and increased control over light and solar heat gain, glazing colors and insulation values.

CPI Daylighting brings its world-renowned daylighting expertise to glass skylights with Clearsky and IntelaGlas Glass Skylight Systems.

UniQuad® & Quadwall are today’s most versatile, high performing and cost- effective architectural translucent insulated daylighting system!

Pentaglas® standing seam, dry glazed single panel translucent systems are available in variety of daylighting designs suitable for cladding over substructures. The Pentaglas® system is produced using Nano-Cell® technology, the latest and most advanced system for architectural daylighting applications. Design options include both a standing seam look and a flush look.

CPI Daylighting translucent canopies and walkway systems are a bright solution to the problems inherent in metal canopies

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CPI Daylighting is committed to being the leader when it comes to daylighting products This continues as CPI Daylighting released their newest brochure featuring BriteWay Canopies + Walkways.

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