Situra Inc. Projects

Oakville Hospital

  • Location: Oakville, ON
  • Description: The New Oakville Hospital is on track to be one of the most modern health facilities in Canada. One of the key design features was building envelope continuity at joints between various parts of the hospital.The unique monolithic construction of RedLINE® adapted itself well in providing a continuous building envelope seal. The vertical joints proved to be a special case which required factory prefabrication and careful site coordination.

Residence du Gourverneur General

Résidence du Gouverneur Général

  • Location: Quebec City, QC
  • Description: A joint gap is formed between a newly poured slab and a 400 year old wall. The new slab is settling, a condition is created that requires a watertight seal between the “old” and “new”.SITURA’s FlamLINE® is encapsulated in a torched modified bitumen membrane on the deck and set in epoxy resin on the vertical wall surfaces.The entire FlamLINE® is installed, forming a single monolith waterproof seal between the “old” and “new”, while allowing differential movement to take place.

CityPlace Skybridge

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Description: The CityPlace Skybridge consists of a 328 ton, 40 meter long (130 ft.), 2 storey bridge that links the two Parade condominium towers at Concord CityPlace in downtown Toronto. Each end of the bridge consists of a joint; one is straight and the other curved.  Both of the joints conform to the shape of each connecting tower.SITURA’s RedLINE® Waterproof Expansion Joints were installed 30 storeys above ground from single prefabricated joint runs and they were manufactured to conform to the curvature and detailing of each of the joints. The RedLINE® was encapsulated in a high tensile strength epoxy resin to ensure fixation and rigidity.

Vancouver Convention Centre

  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Description: The Vancouver Convention Centre is one of Canada’s largest convention centres in Canada, consisting of an innovative curtain wall glazing and a green roof. SITURA’s RedLINE® Waterproof Expansion Joints was installed during roofing. A special fixation detail was developed to allow for movement up to 8 inches.

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