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Situra is a globally recognized leading supplier of waterproof expansion joints for roofing and waterproofing applications. SITURA waterproof expansion joints are specifically designed and engineered for use in a wide variety of applications, ranging from single ply membrane tie-ins to large-scale displacement seismic joints, without obstructing drainage and eliminating water ponding. All SITURA joints are compatible with single ply, modified bitumen, asphalt and coal tar pitch based membranes.

SITURA Waterproof Expansion Joints have been specifically developed to waterproof expansion and control joints. These products solves the dual problem of accommodating movement (and contraction) while at the same time maintaining water tightness. ALL Situra products are developed to be installed at the waterproof membrane level, providing for a non-obstructive joint, allowing free water drainage across the joint.

RedLINE® is designed for use with all types of liquid (hot or cold).

FlamLINE® is designed for use with Torched Modified Bitumen Membranes as well as Self Adhered Membranes. It can also be used with a two part epoxy on vertical surfaces or substrates such as metal, wood or plastic. FlamLINE® itself does NOT contain any asphalt.

AquaLINE® is designed for use with a compatible epoxy resin, which is NSF certified, for use in potable water structures.

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